2019-08-12: Social Media Postees

Fear vs. Fear
Chris Hedges | truthdig.com | 2019-08-12
The old rules of politics no longer apply. The only language understood by Donald Trump and his coterie of con artists, billionaires, generals, misfits and Christian fascists–and a Democratic Party that has sold us out–is fear. Calling out Trump's lies and racism does not matter. Calling out his nepotism and corruption does not matter. Calling out the criminality of his administration does not matter. Calling out its incompetence and idiocy does not matter. Calling out the abject subservience of the ruling elites to corporate power does not matter. Trump and his Democratic Party opponents are immune t…

Trump's disavowal of white supremacy makes a mockery of antiracism–but so does the rest of the political establishment
Eds. | mronline.org | 2019-08-12
The partisan condemnation of white supremacy that has taken shape during the Trump era has reduced anti-racist critique to political theater. | Source…

China's Belt and Road (BRI): Could Save Destroyed Southeast Asia?
Andre Vltchek | globalresearch.ca | 2019-08-12
Most of the people in the West or in North Asia usually never think about it, but Southeast Asia is one of the most depressed and depressing parts of the world. | It has been through genocides, wars and atrocious military …

Will Congress Hold Those Who Commit and Profit From Genocide Accountable?
Tom Andrews | commondreams.org | 2019-08-12
Thousands of new Rohingya refugee arrivals cross the border near Anzuman Para village, Palong Khali, Bangladesh. (Photo: Roger Arnold/UNHCR) | www.commondreams.org/sites/default/files/styles/cd_special_coverage/public/views-article/thumbs/rohingya_2.jpg

The American Workplace Still Won't Accommodate Pregnant Workers
Bryce Covert | thenation.com | 2019-08-12
The American Workplace Still Won't Accommodate Pregnant Workers…

At the End of the Barrel of a Gun
Howard Lisnoff | counterpunch.org | 2019-08-12
I want to stay far away from anything resembling anti-intellectualism or guilt by association, especially since the right-wing political, economic, and social systems we live in in the US give plenty of space to anti-intellectualism and the dominance of ignorance. Blood now runs in the streets, so the impact of the far right (read fascists) must also be acknowledged and strenuously fought.

White supremacy is not a hoax, Tucker Carlson!
Chauncey K. Robinson | peoplesworld.org | 2019-08-12
During the first week of August two of the worst mass shootings took place in the nation's history. Evidence indicates that both shootings were fueled by racist and white supremacist ideology. These massacres are part of a dangerous trend since 2016 of a rise in hate crimes in the U.S. by over 17 percent. Yet, …

Billionaire Stephen Ross of the Related Companies faces protests for Trump fundraiser
Lynda Carson | indybay.org | 2019-08-12
Reported by Politico, billionaire Stephen Ross the founder of "The Related Companies," is facing a backlash for fundraising for the alleged racist President Donald Trump.

Two Years After Charlottesville
splcenter.org | 2019-08-12
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What Can We Learn From the History of Struggle Against White Supremacy?
Staff | therealnews.com | 2019-08-12
White supremacy has a very long history in North America. We discuss its origins and the history of struggle against it with Prof. Gerald Horne, to see what we can be learnt for confronting white supremacy today…

The Long and Bloody History of White Supremacy in the U.S
Staff | truthdig.com | 2019-08-12
What can settler colonialism and slavery teach us about Donald Trump and 8chan? Quite a bit, says author and professor Gerald Horne.

Leave Muslims Out of This. Let's Discuss White Violence on Its Own Terms
Staff | truthout.org | 2019-08-12
| In the last two weeks alone, the U.S. has seen 31 people die and tens of others injured due to three mass shootings across the country. | Over and over again, despite the fact that this violence was rooted in white supremacy, pundits and news articles have repeatedly invoked violence committed by Muslims when discussing these attacks. These invocations divert attention from…

Boris Johnson's latest 'supremely ruthless' move could trigger violent unrest
Fréa Lockley | thecanary.co | 2019-08-12
Boris Johnson's latest claim "to come down hard on crime" has caused widespread concern. Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott, for example, slammed his approach as "draconian". She also warned it had the potential to trigger unrest and riots…

Valhalla awaits! After white terrorism at Oslo mosque, what if Trump spoke about supremacists the way he does Islam?
Juan Cole | nationofchange.org | 2019-08-12
A young Norwegian man wearing body armor and carrying two shotguns and a handgun attacked the Al-Noor Mosque in a tony suburb of Oslo on Saturday. Only 3 people were in the building for afternoon prayers. On Monday, 1,000 congregants are expected, to celebrate Eid al-Adha, the feast of sacrifice in honor of Abraham's son who was spared. | Police say they found social media posts by him praising the New Zealand mosque shooter who killed 50 last March. In turn, the New Zealand white terrorist had praised Anders Breivik…

China's BRI Could Save Destroyed Southeast Asia
Andre Vltchek | dissidentvoice.org | 2019-08-11
Most of the people in the West or in North Asia usually never think about it, but Southeast Asia is one of the most depressed and depressing parts of the world. It has been through genocides, wars and atrocious military regimes. Then, those monstrous income disparities. Jakarta beggars at night According to The Bangkok Post, …

Right-Wing Alejandro Giammattei Elected President of Guatemala
telesurenglish.net | 2019-08-11
In a key presidential race between center-left Sandra Torres (UNE) and right-wing Alejandro Giammattei from the Vamos party, the latter has won by 59.47 percent of votes against 40.53 percent in Sunday's Guatemalan runoff elections, in what seems an irreversible trend with 86 percent of votes counted according to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal. | RELATED: | Guatemala: Security, Corruption on Voters' Minds amid Presidential Runoff | "Tomorrow I will sleep and a day after…

Weekend Read: Neo-Nazi leader must pay more than $14 million in damages
splcenter.org | 2019-08-10
A federal judge has ruled in an SPLC lawsuit that neo-Nazi leader Andrew Anglin must pay more than $14 million in damages for using his website to launch an antisemitic campaign of terror against a Jewish woman and her family.

Italy: Salvini seeks coalition with fascist Fratelli d'Italia
wsws.org | 2019-08-10
In a surprise coup, the leader of the Lega is attempting to carry out a shift to the right and to prepare fascistic forms of rule.

Following AUSMIN talks, Australian politician compares China to Nazi Germany
wsws.org | 2019-08-10
Andrew Hastie falsely compared the purported failure of Australia to respond to the threat posed by China with France's lack of response to the "German advance in 1940."

El Mago Trump: el verdadero propósito del racismo y la xenofobia
Brian Becker | liberationnews.org | 2019-08-09
Trump no quiere que estas personas le echen la culpa de su sufrimiento al robo, la avaricia y la corrupción de los súper ricos y los mayores banqueros y jefes corporativos. Se protege a sí mismo y a sus amigos multimillonarios mediante el uso de tácticas fascistas para satanizar a los pueblos "minoritarios," inmigrantes y grupos socialistas.

A Gory Gift to Trump: A Cruel, Militarized, Expensive, and Decades Old, Bipartisan Border Policy
Ron Leighton | dissidentvoice.org | 2019-08-09
John Carlos Frey's Sand and Blood relates the roughly 140-year history of U.S. anti-immigrant racism and policy on the southwest border, and highlights its mostly pre-Trump, bipartisan intensification over the last thirty-odd years. Frey, an American citizen born in Tijuana, Mexico, and raised in San Diego county, did not give the Border Patrol or border …

Where Have All The Racists Gone?
Andrew Levine | counterpunch.org | 2019-08-09
When people in his base hear Donald Trump say that he is "a very stable genius" or that he is not a racist do they believe a word of it? Or do they simply not care that he lies and spews nonsense? I am not thinking about the Trump supporters at the very bottom of…

'Poor kids just as smart as white kids': Biden makes another high-profile patronizing gaffe
rt.com | 2019-08-09
2020 Democratic Party frontrunner Joe Biden is reeling from yet another high-profile gaffe as he bids to take the White House, this time for declaring that "poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids." | …

White Nationalist State Department Official Surfaces in Photographs
Michael Edison Hayden | splcenter.org | 2019-08-09
Hatewatch has obtained images of Matthew Q. Gebert, a State Department official who is involved in the white nationalist movement.

Hate, Murder and Perversity: El Paso 2019, Mississippi 1964
Daniel Beaumont | counterpunch.org | 2019-08-09
Hate, Lacan observed, is–like love–a career without limit.[1] The massacre on Saturday August 3 in an El Paso Walmart ended with the arrest of 21 year-old Patrick Crusius, a white supremacist from Dallas. Crusius was likely the source of what the media began to call a "manifesto" posted on the website 8chan, a site linked…

Does Paul Ryan Think White Supremacist Hate Is a 'Hoax'?
John Nichols | thenation.com | 2019-08-09
Does Paul Ryan Think White Supremacist Hate Is a 'Hoax'?

Wanda Vásquez, Puerto Rico's third governor in a week, facing criticism
Michelle Zacarias | peoplesworld.org | 2019-08-09
After public outcry and protests brought on the resignation of Governor Ricardo Rosselló, Puerto Rico received its third governor in less than a week. Rosselló's initial successor, Pedro Pierluisi, was forced to step down after Puerto Rico Supreme Court unanimously decided that an appointment as governor without Senate confirmation was unconstitutional. Now, the former secretary …

We have Until Aug 13 to Oppose Trump's Anti-Trans Health Care Plan
aclu.org | 2019-08-09
A proposed rule would undermine protections for transgender people and others facing discriminatory denials of health care and insurance coverage. | The Trump Administration has shown it will stop at nothing to undermine access to health care for marginalized communities. Most recently, the Administration has proposed to undermine critical protections against sex discrimination in Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act, the Health Care Rights Law. Instead of combatting discrimination in accessing health care a…

Roaming Charges: Small Stains on the Pavement
Jeffrey St. Clair | counterpunch.org | 2019-08-09
Many of the liberals talking the loudest about "white supremacy" on MSDNC have only known its privileges, thus they would have us believe white supremacy resides only in the vile minds of the KKK and Aryan Nations, instead of the racist forces operating inside the banks, the school boards, the police, the FBI, the Pentagon that degrade, impoverish and kill people every single day.

SPLC statement on Mississippi immigration raids
splcenter.org | 2019-08-08
Southern Poverty Law Center Attorney Julia Solórzano, with the SPLC's Immigrant Justice Project, issued the following statement on today's workplace raids in Mississippi:…

Tell Greyhound: Keep ICE and CPB cops off buses!
Makasi Motema | workers.org | 2019-08-08
The state is waging war on migrants and refugees. As they flee from violence, political instability and the growing climate crisis, the U.S. is doubling down on a cruel, white supremacist policy of exclusion. Immigration and Custom Enforcement and Customs and Border Patrol agents are rounding up migrants, placing them . . . | Continue reading Tell Greyhound: Keep ICE and CPB cops off buses! at Workers.org

Judge: Neo-Nazi must pay more than $14 million to Jewish woman targeted by harassment campaign
splcenter.org | 2019-08-08
A federal judge adopted a recommendation that the publisher of a major neo-Nazi website must pay more than $14 million in damages to a Jewish woman targeted for a relentless barrage of antisemitic threats and messages by the neo-Nazi and his followers.

Eric Garner case and the ruling class police
Monica Moorehead | workers.org | 2019-08-08
Five years ago a racist white cop, Daniel Pantaleo, put an unarmed Black man, Eric Garner, into a chokehold, on July 17, 2014, on Staten Island, N.Y. Other cops furiously compressed Garner's chest as he lay on the ground and cried out, "I can't breathe" until he died. Pantaleo was . . . | Continue reading Eric Garner case and the ruling class police at Workers.org

Brazil Supreme Court Minister Rules to Protect Press Freedom for Glenn Greenwald and The Intercept
Trevor Timm | theintercept.com | 2019-08-08
In a crucial victory for press freedom in Brazil, Minister Gilmar Mendes, a member of Brazil's Supreme Court, has barred the Bolsonaro administration and Justice Minister Sergio Moro from investigating The Intercept Brasil and journalist Glenn Greenwald for its reporting on unethical and potentially illegal conduct involving Moro. | Mendes, in a sweeping decision, wrote that any attempt to investigate journalists…

Fordham U students win fight to have Palestine rights club
Sapphira Lurie | liberationnews.org | 2019-08-08
On Aug. 5, Justice Nancy Bannon of the Supreme Court of the State of New York annulled Fordham University's decision to ban Students for Justice in Palestine from its campus.

Court upholds shonky uranium approval
pip.hinman | greenleft.org.au | 2019-08-08
The Traditional Owners of the Tjiwarl native title claim lost their Supreme Court appeal to have the approval for the Yeelirrie uranium mine revoked on July 31. | The proposed mine site, 500 kilometres north of Kalgoorlie, was given approval in 2017 by then-state Coalition environment minister Albert Jacob just 16 days before the government entered into a pre-election caretaker period. | The election that followed produced a resounding defeat for the Coalition in an election in which environmental issues ranked high on the political agenda. | The mine's federal approval application was subsequently finalised by t…

Why New Laws Against White Supremacist Violence Are the Wrong Response to El Paso
Trevor Aaronson | theintercept.com | 2019-08-08
The notion that existing terrorism laws apply only to those who commit violence on behalf of groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS is flat-out false.

4Chan's and 8Chan's Internet-Brewed Racism Informs Trump's Rhetoric
Staff | therealnews.com | 2019-08-07
The BBC's Mike Wendling explains the history of a message board subculture and discusses his book, "Alt-Right: From 4Chan to the White House"

Líder de FRSO critica masacre en masa racista en El Paso
Fight Back | fightbacknews.org | 2019-08-07
Washington DC – "La Organización Socialista del Camino a la Libertad (FRSO) condena enérgicamente el asesinato en masa realizado en El Paso", dijo Masao Suzuki, presidente de la Comisión de Nacionalidades Conjuntas de FRSO. Sobre el tirador dijo: "Con una cuenta de Twitter gustando el hashtag BuildtheWall y una foto de armas que deletrean a Trump, está claro que la motivación para este crimen de supremacía blanca está determinada por los ataques racistas de Trump". | El 3 de agosto, un hombre armado que apoya a Trump llevó a cabo una masacre de al menos 20 personas en El Paso, Texas, que justificó en una declarac…

These 7 Prominent Conservatives Have Nothing in Common With White Supremacists, Nothing at All
Mehdi Hasan | theintercept.com | 2019-08-07
A man wears a MAGA hat during the Western Conservative Summit in Denver on July 12, 2019. | cool kid's philosopher" — took to Twitter to berate those who dare draw any kind of line between President Donald Trump, the Republican Party, and U.S. conservatives on the one hand and white nationalist terrorists on the other. | So, we now have two separate NYT columnists arguing that all conservatives are basically violent white supremacists, but slightly more subtle. Let me put this gently: f*** yourselves.

Texas WWP statement condemns mass murder
Workers World Texas Bureau | workers.org | 2019-08-07
The Texas branch of Workers World Party condemns, in the strongest terms, the mass murder in El Paso and the system of white supremacy that produced it. Reports on Aug. 3 estimate that a white supremacist murdered at least 20 people after driving over 9 hours from Dallas/Fort Worth to . . . | Continue reading Texas WWP statement condemns mass murder at Workers.org

Milwaukee: Vigil Against Hate remembers victims of mass shootings
Fight Back | fightbacknews.org | 2019-08-07
Milwaukee, WI – On August 5, a variety of non-profit and local religious organizations hosted a Vigil Against Hate, in remembrance of those killed in Oak Creek, Wisconsin; Gilroy, California; El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett made an appearance, along with a few other local politicians. Around 100 people showed up to the vigil to express solidarity with victims of white supremacist violence, which is impressive given the fact that the event was organized in 24 hours. | Most notably, there was a large Sikh presence; many of them being previous victims of white supremacist violence in 20…

All States have 'primary responsibility' to protect against hate attacks
United Nations | un.org | 2019-08-06
The UN's top rights official has added her voice to condemnation of the weekend mass-shootings in the cities of El Paso and Dayton, insisting on Tuesday that "not just the US, but all States" should do more to stop discrimination.

U.S. State Department Official Involved in White Nationalist Movement, Hatewatch Determines
Michael Edison Hayden | splcenter.org | 2019-08-06
A U.S. State Department official oversaw the Washington, D.C.-area chapter of a white nationalist organization, hosted white nationalists at his home and published white nationalist propaganda online, Hatewatch has determined.

"Fascism Will Not Go Away by Itself": George Ciccariello-Maher on Confronting White Supremacy
Staff | democracynow.org | 2019-08-06
Just before the mass shooting at a crowded El Paso Walmart this weekend, the gunman wrote in a lengthy manifesto saying that the massacre was in response to what he described as a "Hispanic invasion of Texas." He also prompted a white supremacist conspiracy theory known as "great replacement" that has been cited by other mass shooters. From Mexico City, we speak with George Ciccariello-Maher, visiting scholar at NYU's Hemispheric Institute. In December 2017, Ciccariello-Maher resigned from Drexel University after a year of harassment and death threats from right-wing white supremacists. The threats stemmed from a…

New Civil Rights Memorial to be installed on 54th anniversary of Voting Rights Act
splcenter.org | 2019-08-05
Jimmie Lee Jackson was beaten and shot by Alabama state troopers during a peaceful voting rights march on Feb. 18, 1965.

El Paso Massacre Galvanizes Accelerationists
Cassie Miller and Hatewatch Staff | splcenter.org | 2019-08-05
The domestic terror incident this past weekend in El Paso has energized the growing "accelerationist" bloc of the white power movement, which argues violence is the only way to achieve its goal of creating a white, non-Jewish ethnostate.

Donald Trump and Fox News Warned of a Migrant "Invasion" Before El Paso Gunman Struck
Robert Mackey | theintercept.com | 2019-08-05
The president and his favorite news channel have both promoted the racist conspiracy theory cited by the attacker in El Paso, of a migrant "invasion."

Hate is Alive in America–El Paso Shooting
splcenter.org | 2019-08-05
A manifesto from shooter promotes white nationalist talking points as white nationalists mock those killed in the shooting…

Our hearts are heavy. Again
splcenter.org | 2019-08-05

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